CSR initiatives

CSR initiatives
Mercator strongly believes that Corporate Social Responsibility as a philosophy and approach can help bring together different sectors of the society and provide equal opportunities for development.

As a responsible Corporate; Mercator always endeavors to adopt responsible social business practices.  Mercator governance systems do not allow its business practices to be abusive, unfair, corrupt or anti-competitive. Mercator has always been responsive towards all its stakeholders. Mercator is focused and committed to protect self, colleagues, equipments, stakeholders, society, and environment.

Below are some initiatives and activities undertaken by Mercator towards Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR towards Society


The Company in association with its Implementing Agency Prem Punita Foundation, Mumbai undertook following CSR activities.




·         General Health Centers

The foundations runs two health Centres, each headed by professional medicos. The two dispensaries situated at different centres cater a populace of approximately 10,000 inhabitants.


·         Awareness Sessions

Sessions on ‘Hepatitis’ are conducted in which ladies/girls from adopted communities participate.  The attendees are appealed to use simple preventive measures to safeguard themselves and share their learning with others in the Community.

Cancer Awareness and Detection camps for women launched at adopted communities. The objective is to make people aware of cancer causes, symptoms and treatment and also to detect symptoms of cancer amongst women.


·         Personal Hygiene Camps for children

Personal Hygiene Programme initiated for children in adopted communities.  The core programme includes awareness talk on handwashing habits, food habits, and toilet cleanliness followed by hand washing demonstration. Around 250 Children attended the program and this programme is delivered in a story telling manner to make it more attractive and meaningful. Children get fruits and a Hygiene kit (Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Bathing soap) free of cost.


·         Women Hygiene and Handling Adolescence amongst Girls

An Awareness Programme on the Women Hygiene and Handling Adolescence is being organized for the adolescent girls. This Programme is useful in moulding the children and in an aid to develop communication skill, leadership qualities and emotional balance. 




·         Sponsering Therapy to children with hearing impairment

Prem Punita Foundation helps other philanthropic organisations which are engaged in Child Welfare. Recently one such organisation which helps children with hearing impairment, requested us to sponsor annual therapy of children registered with them. The Foundation decided to help some children and agreed to sponsor annual   therapy costs on their behalf.


·         Support NGOs working on eye care

 The Foundation recently supported one of the leading NGOs working on eye care in Mumbai with Diagnostic equipment for Advance Eye care.  The beneficiaries, economically poor patients suffering from eye diseases, will get quality treatment/surgery at free or subsidized rate.


·         Support NGOs working with Disabled

Foundation donated Maruti EECO van to NGOs working with spastic children and as well as blind children.   The vehicle will be used for escorting the disabled students from one centre to another for training purposes and help providing employment to the beneficiaries.


·         Foundation also donated bed sheets to needy people in the community.




·         Art and craft

The Foundation organises hobby classes for the young energised children from financially deprived families.  A professional painter from outside Mumbai shares his valuable time and skills with the children for our project. Young artists aged 7 years to 14 years try their skills in the drawing workshop.  


·         Learn with Fun

Driven by the urge to initiate a project pertaining to children in the age group of 6-15 the Foundation has started a ‘Learn with fun’ centre in one of its adopted communities.  The children are in the age group of 6-15 going to Municipal schools.


·         Adult Literacy

An Adult Literacy Course initiated for illiterate women who never had any schooling before.  Objective is to make everyone educated in basic reading and writing, signatures and basic maths.




·         Computer education

Our pet project, Prem Sagar is presently engaged in providing basic Computer education to girls who are school going children from 5th to 9th standard students and also students passed 10th class examination.  


·         Sewing and Design course

Prem Punita Foundation under Project Prem Sagar has recently started Sewing and Design course in collaboration with Usha International.



CSR towards Investors

We aim to maintain high levels of transparency and disclosure through regular communication with our investors. On a timely basis, we disseminate our financial information through Stock Exchange in due compliance with Listing Regulations. We also issue news releases giving briefs on performance and recent development. We also respond to teleconference calls/one on one meetings as requested by analysts on financial results. We practice prompt and timely disclosure of any price sensitive developments in the Company. To facilitate better accessibility for investor queries; we have dedicated e-mail ID and also provided our contact details on our website, annual reports etc. We continuously work towards strengthening our investor relations framework to improve our services towards the investor community.


CSR towards Employees

The Company continues to place significant importance on its human resources and enjoys cordial relations at all levels. During the year, various initiatives for employee involvement and efficiency improvement continued. Mercator creates value for its employees, by providing opportunities for growth and prosperity as the organisation grows. Specifically, it creates employee value through continuous learning and career progression opportunities


The Performance Management System has undergone considerable improvement and has enabled sharpening of the process of setting Goals & Major Initiatives. During the year, the organization structures of all key functions have been reviewed and strengthened so as to facilitate delivery of business goals.


Our mission is to protect and enhance the well-being of our employees, visitors and partners. Safe working is non-negotiable. We have a clear focus on safety practices ensuring all possible safety hazards are eliminated


The Company has constituted Internal Complaints Committee under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 to provide protection to women against sexual harassment at work place and to redress the complaint. The Company provided training and conducted awareness program on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment” for employees.