Safety Policy

We recognize that excellence in safety performance is a pre-requisite for excellent business performance. This excellence can only be achieved by having adequate systems and procedures in place to protect the health and safety of our people, the security of our personnel, the protection of our physical assets and reputation and the protection of the environment we work in. We also recognize that HSSE is everyone's responsibility and each one of us is accountable for safety of self and the colleagues we work with, safe operation of our facilities and safe delivery of our projects.
In order to deliver the above aspirations, we will:
Provide visible management leadership and support for excellent safety performance.
Have a HSSE management system which reflects good industry practice, is adequately resourced and followed across the organization
Provide a work environment which is healthy, safe and secure and make positive contribution to the protection of environment wherever we work.
Promote a culture such that our employees and associates feel empowered to voice their HSSE concerns, if any and make positive contribution to the HSSE performance
Work seamlessly with our customers, contract partners and business associates to deliver the HSSE expectations and learn continually from each other’s experiences.
Provide direction, education, support, training and supervision to ensure that all employees understand the HSSE expectations from them and the consequences of non-compliance with Company policies and procedures.
Adopt a risk-based approach to the design, construction and operation of our vessels and facilities throughout their life cycle and protect all our assets from harm.
 Develop, maintain and test effective contingency plans, where appropriate in conjunction with the authorities, our customers and emergency services providers.
Take account of HSSE concerns of those working on our facilities through involving and consulting with them on regular basis.
Continually measure and improveour HSSE performance so that work related ill health and incidents are reduced.
Continually improve by ensuring that lessons are always learned and learnings implemented.
Comply with this Policy and drive HSSE improvements by setting expectations, objectives as well as reviewing, monitoring and auditing performance.
Fully co-operate with relevant government agencies, regulatory bodies and work with them to improve HSSE practices within our organization.
Regularly review this Policy.